The Team

1241 Veterinarian Andrea Grochowski – Founder and Director –

In addition to her work in the private field in Germany, she has worked on several international sterilization programs and disaster relief projects e.g.after the Tsunami of 2004. Andrea has also managed a lion sanctuary in South Africa , worked as a wildlife vet in Namibia and run a welfare clinic next to Soweto.






– Co Founder – Ex VOW Veterinarian - Dr Desmond Stafford

During his 17 years of private practice in Cape Town and in England, he was closely involved with several animal welfare organizations. In 2004 he decided to enter the animal welfare sector on a full-time basis. He is a director of the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) in Cape Town ,he was a co-founder of Vetsol in the Western Cape and he worked as a wildlife vet in Namibia. Afer leaving VOW he was running the FORA  animal welfare clinic in Johannesburg.


Together, these two founding veterinarians have more than 29 years of animal welfare experience, and more than 14 years of involvement with sterilization projects. Combined, they have worked with wild animals of various types for more than 12 years. They began working together in South Africa in January 2008 and set off to Botswana in August 2008 to work on projects on their own and some run by local organizations like Maun Animal Welfare Society (in and around the Okavango Delta), the BSPCA in Gaborone and in Kasane near the Chobe National Park. They worked at a Wildlife Trust and the SPCA  in Namibia as well.

Since they split up and Des decided to settle in RSA, Andrea is the sole heart of VOW and still working different models to continue our mobile vet services. Currently she is collaborating with MAWS and taking a share of their visiting volunteer vets to perform outreach clinics including an insight for the mainly overseas volunteers into the rural Botswana with its friendly people , abundant wildlife and the demanding challenge for vets being its massive domestic dog population!


Photos from our work and friends

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