Sterilise to prevent suffering

221 The main focus of this mobile vet project is to facilitate an environment in which human-pet-predator coexistence is maintained, to reduce and control number of domestic dogs and to keep the remaining numbers vaccinated and infectious disease free ,here ultimately contribute to the preservation of Africa’s last remaining endangered free-roaming large predators.

VOW, VETS ON WHEELS is currently only a ONE permanent vet organization dedicated to the welfare of animals, both wild and domestic. We strongly believe that a large part of the current problems being experienced by animals will be effectively reduced by means of mass sterilization campaigns.



  • Fewer homeless strays cause less neglect, causing less competition for food with predators and domestic dogs, a reduction in the spread of certain diseases from dogs to people, stock or wildlife
  • Fewer available dogs reducing the easy-come-easy-go attitude as the value of existing dogs increases
  • Disease control (certain wild animals which are in direct or indirect contact with domestic dogs such as lions and wild dogs are susceptible to a number of canine diseases like Canine Parvo Virus, Canine Distemper Virus and Rabies

VOW is fully equipped and experienced to work and stay outdoors in the target areas. We usually manage between 10 - 40 animals per day, depending on suitable available assistance, the supply and type of animals and facilities. Generally the vets alternate as surgeon and anesthetist /nurse on a daily basis.

Our anesthetic protocol has proved to be safe and effective, with all dogs awake and able to return home on the same day as surgery. Stitches are intradermal and dissolvable and therefore do not require removal. Besides vaccinating if required, also an antibiotic, a painkiller and Ivermectin (effective against mange and worms) are injected.

Until today ( 24/01/2011 ) VOW has sterilised 4806 animals ( dogs, cats, baboons, rabbits, lions et al. ) since we started in August 2008 to travel Southern Africa!


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