"Wildlife Management Is An Oxymoron.

We Should Have Learned Long Ago

To Simply Leave The Proper Natural Space,

To Respectfully Withdraw

And Let Wildlife Manage Wildlife"                                                                                                  



Unfortunately it is to late to just step aside, because the damage is done. VOW's basic purpose is to minimize the effects of our anthropocene impact. Since I started working and traveling Southern Africa I have seen various animal centered institutions, They call themselves many positive names like rehabilitation centers, orphanages, rescue centers, welfare shelters, research projects , sanctuaries and conservation societies. In my personal painfool experience some keep and produce animals for the sole business purpose, some would like to do good and have very peculiar ideas about what good is or they lack professional insight and management and a few really achieve an improvement for animal lives.

But they all are in desperate need of veterinary services and VOW is eager, equipped and qualified to assist research projects and various kinds of wildlife projects as long as we can ethically represent it.



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